The time for visual content is now [Infographic]

The power of visual content to attract, inform and dazzle an audience increases every day. And it’s no secret why. In an instant, a single image can trigger an emotional response from a viewer that will stick with them throughout their future purchase decisions. A video can bring a product feature to life in a way like never before. The engagement level of infographics makes it easier for people to absorb large amounts of information. Memes and GIFs—while decidedly not for everyone—can showcase your brand’s humorous side. Plus, their super shareable. If you’re not already integrating some of these examples of visual content into your inbound marketing strategy, the time to start is now.

Video content specifically is on the rise. Not so long ago, we saw Twitter launch video autoplay in our feeds. Live streaming video via Periscope and Meerkat are gaining momentum. And Facebook now allows users to add a 7-second video as their profile pic to stay ahead in the graphic arms race. Video is simply dominating digital media today. People love it. According to The Big List of Video Marketing Statistics from 2015, 70% of marketing professionals report that video converts better than any other medium. The same report also states that 67% of marketers found video marketing somewhat successful, while 18% found video marketing very successful. There’s no reason not to get in on this action.

The time for visual content is now infographic

The best types of visual content are the ones that appeal to your audience. They resonate with your buyer personas and give them a deeper understanding of your brand. Recognising the proper role that images and videos, infographics and memes should play in your inbound marketing strategy will help you maximise your efforts in 2016.

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