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Decoding the world of content marketing

Terms you should know. Sure, you’ve heard of content marketing. But how much do you really know? Could you follow a strategy meeting? Explain the concepts to your colleagues? Contribute to a plan for your company? Content marketing is the development, publication and promotion of high-quality content that helps brands strengthen their presence and build …


Why original content is essential to your online marketing strategy

Your company has an active online life. You share up-to-date industry reports, articles related to your field, top infographics, and the occasional cat meme or dancing cartoon gif. Your company curates content—it shares relevant material from other sources. However, by only curating, you’re missing out on a wealth of benefits that comes with being a …


6 ways to say goodbye to cold calling

6 ways to say goodbye to cold calling   Are you still cold calling? Remember the old days, when selling was all about cold calling and pitching? A great salesperson was a resilient character indeed, attacking the phone with gusto each morning, taking rejection on the chin and moving steadily on. And those cold calls …