So why is content marketing important?

So why is content marketing important?

Today, many companies still struggle to connect with their audience on a human level. They haven’t yet mastered the newfangled art of content marketing. Whether your business is looking to retain clients, make more sales or improve its branding, engaging people and building trust through great content will help you meet your business goals. So, here’s why content marketing is important.

1. You become part of the conversation

Content marketing is based on an inbound methodology, a way to reach out to potential customers that empowers them to come to you. From awareness to decision, prospective customers are looking for quality information to help them make their buying decision. However, on average, consumers are 70 percent of the way through the sales funnel before taking interest in a particular brand. To achieve your chief goals, you need to understand how to create and leverage the information your target audience is looking for on their buying journey. And, that may not involve your brand specifically for some time.

By creating purposeful content for your audience, you become a part of the conversation. Content marketing attracts visitors to your company site by sharing information that relates to a problem of theirs. Your visitors find the information they need, develop trust in your company and, of course, become sales leads. When the time comes for those leads to find a solution to their problem, they are more likely to think of your company, which has been a part of their buying process from the beginning. And so, you will organically close and retain high value clients.

2. Potential buyers see you as a trusted source, not an annoying distraction

In the past, traditional marketing was interruptive. Marketers reached out to consumers through print and television advertisements, and told them to buy their products or services. A recent report from market research giant Nielsen shows consumer trust in traditional media advertising has plummeted. Audiences no longer believe the sales messages. In the survey, a whopping 90 percent of consumers said they trust brand recommendations from friends or users online over paid banner ads and display advertising. Content marketing represents this more trusted form of word-of-mouth, whereby users consume, engage and share your useful brand content.

For some great infographics on the rise of inbound marketing, check out this Mashable post.

3. Google loves content!

Content marketing fulfills people’s desire for more information. Whether they’re looking for the latest fashion trends, where to buy a new guitar or what wine to serve at a dinner party, people are constantly surfing the Internet to find answers to their questions (in fact 3.5 million Google searches are carried out each day). By creating more content, your sites will also become more attractive to search engines, helping you kill it on the SEO front. Studies have shown that per dollar, content marketing produces three times more leads than search engine marketing (SEM) and costs 30 percent less.

4. Your investment keeps working for you

Companies have to adapt to changing technology and user behaviour, and provide exceptional content to attract, inspire, educate and delight them. With occasional updates and additional information, good content will last a very long time. This means your investment in content marketing will remain profitable for an equally long time. Compared to a paid advertising campaign that may only run for a few weeks, days or even minutes, and isn’t guaranteed to catch anyone’s attention, content marketing seems like the deal of the century to us, and hopefully now, to you.

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