Learning Lab: Conquering SEO for your business

Learning Lab: Conquering SEO for your business

Barcelona Metropolitan and The Noise Lab invite you to the second workshop of our Learning Labs series focused on attracting international clientele. November’s edition will take place on Thursday the 23rd, and will explain the key elements of SEO and how to use SEO to effectively increase your company’s online presence.

We have joined forces with experts to help us to transform you into a digital marketing master.

We are partnering with Ubiqum Code Academy, an immersive, 5-month long bootcamp providing courses in data analysis, web programming and Java, with campuses in Barcelona and Berlin. Ubiqum offers a unique experience through its learning methodology, called the “Story Centered Curriculum”– a curriculum developed by a team of international education professionals and led by Roger C. Schank. A renowned cognitive scientist at Stanford University, Schank is also the founder of the Institute for the Learning Sciences and has taught at the University of Carnegie Mellon and in Silicon Valley.

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