Getting personal

Getting personal

Connecting with customers through brand personalisation.

We all know that customers want to feel a personal connection with the brands they buy. They want brands they can relate to, brands that are reflective of their values and beliefs. They want brands that reach out and see their customers for the people they are.

But personalisation too often becomes a box to check, rather than a tactic to explore in depth. Companies continue to barrel right into the ditch of stale personalisation tactics. These strategies can help you avoid the inauthentic and rediscover your brand’s unique personal element.

Showcase The People Behind Your Brand

Personalisation is about building relationships, and the first step is to showcase your own personality. Develop a brand voice that is relatable, accessible and intimate. Empower your employees, the human essence of your brand, to be at the fore of your communication strategy. Feature them and their interests on your website, in the form of bios and blogs. Send newsletters and emails directly from employee company emails, rather than a generic company address. Encourage them to link their social media accounts to the company, and to share the industry information they find most interesting.

The HubSpot team does this well:

Be Present on Social Media

Social media is the perfect platform to open up personal dialogue with your consumer base. In addition to sharing company material, share articles and images that align with your brand’s values. Ask questions to engage your following. Respond to comments left by customers and follow them back to get a better sense of their interests.

Be Involved in the Community

Getting involved in politics and social issues was formerly frowned upon, but those days are long gone. Your company shouldn’t be afraid to weigh in on the topics that matter. Take a stand and support issues that are important to you and your consumer base. Share your opinions and be active in events that further your brand’s vision for the future.

Take Gap as an example:

Show Your Customers You See Them As People

Personalising emails, running loyalty programs and gifting personalised marketing collateral are all simple ways to communicate that you value your customers as individuals.

Personalised Emails

Email programs like Mailchimp allow you to develop buyer personas and send targeted emails based on purchase history, expressed preferences, time zones and more. They help you ensure that you are communicating the right message at the right time to your customers.

Loyalty Programs

Running loyalty programs will help you fill out these buyer personas, and will allow you to send the best, most tailored offers to your repeat customers. Send them early releases, exclusive offers and higher discounts to let them know they are a critical part of your company.

Marketing Collateral

Personalising your marketing collateral is a fun way to increase rapport with your customers.  Sell to lots of mothers? Get some branded toys for children. Do musicians love your products? Perhaps some branded drum sticks. Are you in the food industry? Branded cutting boards would be useful. Gift something creative and of interest to your customers to show them how well you know them.


Personalisation has brought the human side back to marketing. It’s a fun, natural and straightforward way to expand your consumer base by building real connections with the people that matter. Time to gear up and start getting personal.

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