How to choose the right influencer for your brand

How to choose the right influencer for your brand

Tips to make you the talk of the town.

Ah, the social media influencer. The glamorous, boho-chic food blogger. The perfectly sculpted Instagram fitness model. The hilarious tweeter that never misses a meme. For the past number of years, companies have been utilising influencers to reach their target audience with increased precision and efficiency. The results have been outstanding, so much so that social media influencers have become an integral element of content marketing strategy. Many companies realise they need one, but finding the perfect influencer can be a challenge. It’s time to take a step back and answer some critical questions: What types of influencers work best for brands? What types of influencers should brands avoid? How can brands pick the one that’s right for them?

Here are some starter tips to help your brand find your influencer:

Make sure they have social media sway

With automatic follower apps and pay-for-followers services, there are now more profiles than ever boasting massive followings. It can be difficult to weed out users who have inorganically grown their followers, particularly when their material seems to justify a high level of interest. Keep in mind that the critical element setting the influencer apart is the amount of authentic engagement they get on their posts. Review their comments section for comments that are diverse and feel genuine. Check to see that the user is constantly engaging with these comments and encouraging open dialogue with their following.

After establishing that your potential influencer has an active and engaging presence on social media, you then need to ensure that they have the ability to get their following to take action. Have they hosted competitions in the past? Have they endorsed any other brands? Do they have their own products that they have been able to successfully market? Take a look at their history to be sure they have a real pull over their audience. After all, using an influencer is not just a publicity strategy, but a sales tool, so you want someone who can convert their audience into customers.

Make sure their following is your target audience

Pull out that archived buyer persona. Who exactly is it that your brand is looking to reach? What are their interests, location, age, gender, industry, income etc.? Since your influencer will be selling your product to their following, you need to make sure it aligns with your demographic. Using services like RiteTag to research hashtags can help lead you to the right profiles. Find users that successfully use popular hashtags relevant to your demographic, perhaps even the ones your brand is currently using.

Sometimes you won’t need to look far to find your influencer. Search through your own following to see if anyone meets the criteria. Choosing someone from within your own audience is beneficial in that the user is already aware of and likely a fan of your products or services, making them more likely to endorse you. The endorsement will also feel more genuine, and that’s because it will be.

Make sure their image aligns with your brand values

This step involves digging into the depths of your potential influencer’s social media history. Scroll through their profiles on all the platforms on which they’re active. Are all the images appropriate and communicating a positive message? Do their aesthetics generally match your brand image? How about their text—is it articulate and affirming? Or have they posted comments and captions that could be interpreted as offensive? It is critical to make sure none of their material could jeopardise your company’s reputation. Once your campaign launches, they will become a face of your brand, and that’s something that can’t be undone. Ensure their entire online presence is completely consistent with the values your brand promotes.

Using the right social media influencer can be an invaluable element of your marketing strategy. Start perusing profiles to find the perfect mutual contact between you and your target audience.

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