What to talk about when your topic is boring

What to talk about when your topic is boring

7 ways to get inspired.

Have you ever stared at the computer screen wishing that instead of writing for a chain of dentists, a printing shop, or an import-export business, you were in charge of an adventure sports centre or a nightclub? Imagine how easy it would be to create fabulous visual posts if only you were in a sexy, exciting business!

Creating compelling content in a more run-of-the-mill business can leave business owners and freelance writers staring at their computer screens in despair. Well, take heart, because every day, millions of searches are carried out by people looking for simple answers to their problems. They aren’t looking for glamour and fun. They’re looking for good, clear information. Whether you are in accountancy, plumbing or dentistry, great information is always appreciated.

Remember, your aim is to show that you are an authority in your field. If you are able to connect with people by giving them information in a language that is accessible to them, they will trust you and ultimately may well buy from you. So, bear in mind these 7 points and happy writing!

1. Useful content isn’t boring to the people who need it

No matter what your industry is and however boring you may fear it to be to the average person, there are people who need your information. If it is well written, well-presented and interesting, it won’t be boring. Useful content that directly addresses a need is very compelling.

2. Boring can often mean incomprehensible

If your business is quite technical, make sure that you are creating content that your readers can understand. Overly-technical writing that the reader can’t decipher is indeed boring! However, if you can find a difficult topic and make it easy to understand, your readers will thank you for it. So, let’s say that you are writing about a common dentistry procedure. Break it down into easy-to-understand steps, taking care to explain any technical terms you have to include and add some before and after photos.

3. Use case studies and personal testimonies

True stories about people or companies that you’ve helped are a fantastic way to show the best of your business to potential customers. For example, a consultancy company could create case studies that showed how their services have transformed businesses they have worked with. Couple that with
simple video interviews and you have some great content.

4. Create related content for your market

Think about the person you’re writing for and what else they may be interested in that is related to your industry. An accountancy company that works with international companies could write about a plethora of topics, from recruitment to business practices. A hardware store could create a series of easy-to-do DIY projects. A company that provides mobility products for elderly people could produce some posts about healthcare addressing issues that concern their market.

5. Research what questions people are asking

Find out what people want you to talk about by visiting forums and groups and seeing what questions are being asked. Quora.com is online community where people ask and answer questions and can provide a wealth of insight. This enables you to really provide the content people are looking for.

6. Bring your personality to your writing

What values does your company stand for? What’s important to you? Don’t be scared to let your company’s personality shine through in your writing. This is an opportunity for people to get to know your company and for you to build new connections. And, it will make your posts stand out from the rest.

7. Brainstorm, brainstorm, brainstorm

Never stare for too long at the computer screen. Grab a couple of colleagues, a market pen, and head to the meeting room. Remind yourselves who your reader (your Buyer Persona) is and what their concerns and interests are. Then write down all the ideas that come to mind. You should come out with a few months worth of ideas to keep you going. Here are a few suggestions to get the ideas flowing:

  • newsworthy events linked to your business
  • famous people that use your kind of services
  • inspirational leaders in your industry
  • myths about your industry
  • interesting facts about your industry or company that few people know
  • the history of your company
  • the inspiration behind your company

And, of course, craft your post well. Always make the writing succinct and to the point, and include bullet points and images. The most exciting topic in the world will be clicked away from in a second if the layout doesn’t make it easy to access.

And, remember, there are lots of people out there just waiting to hear from you.

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