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Why original content is essential to your online marketing strategy

Your company has an active online life. You share up-to-date industry reports, articles related to your field, top infographics, and the occasional cat meme or dancing cartoon gif. Your company curates content—it shares relevant material from other sources. However, by only curating, you’re missing out on a wealth of benefits that comes with being a …


Learning Lab: Conquering SEO for your business

Barcelona Metropolitan and The Noise Lab invite you to the second workshop of our Learning Labs series focused on attracting international clientele. November’s edition will take place on Thursday the 23rd, and will explain the key elements of SEO and how to use SEO to effectively increase your company’s online presence. We have joined forces …


4 steps to SEO success

The basics of search engine optimisation. It’s time we face the facts: we are all full-blown search engine addicts. We conduct over 4,000 Google searches per second, and depend on our search engine buddies for answers to just about everything – ‘Where can I book cheap flights to Thailand?’ ‘How can I open a wine …