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Ecommerce basics: reducing shopping cart abandonment

Get your customers through checkout with these simple tips. How many times have you loaded up your online shopping cart, only to get sticker shocked by outrageous shipping costs? How many times have you thought, ‘Maybe I don’t really need this’ at checkout? There’s a host of reasons why a customer might abandon an ecommerce …


Is your website right for the English-speaking market?

Steps to ensure your success across borders. Your website is your brand’s best international representative. It can reach consumers from any country at any time, and can help you close sales in markets you didn’t even know you had. But in order to maximise its benefits, you have to make sure your website is internationally …


Decoding the world of content marketing

Terms you should know. Sure, you’ve heard of content marketing. But how much do you really know? Could you follow a strategy meeting? Explain the concepts to your colleagues? Contribute to a plan for your company? Content marketing is the development, publication and promotion of high-quality content that helps brands strengthen their presence and build …


Why original content is essential to your online marketing strategy

Your company has an active online life. You share up-to-date industry reports, articles related to your field, top infographics, and the occasional cat meme or dancing cartoon gif. Your company curates content—it shares relevant material from other sources. However, by only curating, you’re missing out on a wealth of benefits that comes with being a …


Getting personal

Connecting with customers through brand personalisation. We all know that customers want to feel a personal connection with the brands they buy. They want brands they can relate to, brands that are reflective of their values and beliefs. They want brands that reach out and see their customers for the people they are. But personalisation …


Transcreating IKEA

Localisation challenges and successes of going global. IKEA seems to have cracked the code to global marketing. With 313 stores spanning 38 countries and €34.2 billion in sales in 2016, IKEA has become the world’s furniture giant. But the process has not been easy. IKEA has struggled to localise its brand and product offerings, continually …


Content marketing on a startup budget

Four fun and easy strategies to promote your brand. What comes to mind when you hear ‘content marketing’? An endless sea of euro signs? A hefty downloadable guide filled with complex formulas and jargon? If you’re envisioning something beyond your startup’s reach, luckily for you, you’re wrong. Content marketing is a flexible set of tools …


Landing pages: a how-to guide

Learn from the best with our favourite examples. Your landing pages are your lead-generating hotspots. They allow you to capture critical information and funnel your website visitors into the right marketing channels. They direct potential leads to targeted offers and eliminate clutter and confusion. They’re critical to any strong inbound marketing strategy, but getting the …


Doing business across cultures

5 critical differences you need to know. The world is the entrepreneur’s oyster. Doing business across borders is easier than ever before and businesses are rushing to take advantage of new international opportunities. While business continues to integrate, however, science has shown that business culture is not merging in the same way. Culturally-based business practices …


The hashtag how-to

Marketing with social media’s favourite symbol. We are in the era of a new universal symbol: the hashtag. Once known as the pound or number sign, the figure has experienced a complete renaissance, rising to great heights as a critical social media tool. Hashtags are a dream come true for marketers because they allow companies …


Marketing in colour across cultures

Colour is integral to your brand’s image and identity. Science has repeatedly shown that colour is one of the most important ways a brand communicates with its customers, and that the right colour choices can increase sales and significantly improve brand recognition. However, just because your colours hit the mark in your home market doesn’t …


5 email marketing best practices

Never see the inside of a spam folder again. Still shaking off sleep, you sit down with your morning coffee and have a scroll through your inbox. Just as any other day, you watch dozens of new messages roll in. You prepare for the deleting spree: ‘**SUPER BLOWOUT SALE 80% OFF**’ ‘Sign Up for Your …


Swag out your brand

Promotional gifts that will have your network buzzing. Think about a promotional gift you really loved. Was it a mouse pad? A ball point pen? A paperweight? An oversized tee shirt? Probably not. We all love free stuff, but unless it’s something special we won’t keep it for long. Updating your goodies can give you …


Is transcreation right for your company?

Five key differences between translation and transcreation. The new field of transcreation is taking over the cross-cultural marketing game. It has enabled companies to successfully expand in ways that were not possible decades ago. But transcreation can be a time and resource-intensive process, so how do you know if and when it’s really necessary for …


Cultural marketing mistakes

Seven costly mishaps by the world’s largest corporations. We’ve all had this experience: we venture outside our cultural bubble, and suddenly we’re not the exceptional communicators we thought we were. We tell a joke that falls flat. We make references we thought were universal. We use body language that baffles those around us. We tend to believe …


Why translation just won’t cut it

Cross-cultural communication takes more than a good translator. Your company’s messaging is sharp, clever and hip, and it’s worked wonders in your home market. And with good reason—you’ve invested time and money perfecting it. Expanding to a foreign market should be simple: hire a professional to translate your message in a way that is compelling …


6 ways to say goodbye to cold calling

6 ways to say goodbye to cold calling   Are you still cold calling? Remember the old days, when selling was all about cold calling and pitching? A great salesperson was a resilient character indeed, attacking the phone with gusto each morning, taking rejection on the chin and moving steadily on. And those cold calls …


Is your company exotic? Make the most of your cultural differences

We all know that understanding your target audience is key to effective content marketing. So, when your potential customers live in another country, you don’t just have to get the language right, you also need to understand their customs, lifestyle and cultural influences. You have to understand how they perceive the world around them. But, …


If your website were a restaurant would people stay for dinner?

If your website were a restaurant would people stay for dinner? It’s easy to get so carried away with attracting people to your website that you forget the importance of what they’ll find there. Many companies throw themselves into social media, creating great expectations. The agency, the community manager or perhaps the boss him/herself works …


Content and the buyer’s journey

Content and the buyer’s journey The buyer’s journey is how a consumer gets from “Am I missing out on an opportunity?” to a justified purchase decision. As a content marketer, you have to understand where your customer is in their buyer’s journey. Know what they’re searching online, what they’re thinking, what their needs are, and …

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