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Ecommerce basics: reducing shopping cart abandonment

Get your customers through checkout with these simple tips. How many times have you loaded up your online shopping cart, only to get sticker shocked by outrageous shipping costs? How many times have you thought, ‘Maybe I don’t really need this’ at checkout? There’s a host of reasons why a customer might abandon an ecommerce …


Ecommerce basics: best practices

Want to sell abroad? Start with these ecommerce best practices. Ecommerce is the new name of the international sales game. The world of electronic commerce—online shopping, electronic payments, internet banking and other online financial transactions—has entirely reshaped the way we do business. It has allowed us to bridge geographical distance, eliminate middlemen and lower operational costs. …


How to choose the right influencer for your brand

Tips to make you the talk of the town. Ah, the social media influencer. The glamorous, boho-chic food blogger. The perfectly sculpted Instagram fitness model. The hilarious tweeter that never misses a meme. For the past number of years, companies have been utilising influencers to reach their target audience with increased precision and efficiency. The …


Is your website right for the English-speaking market?

Steps to ensure your success across borders. Your website is your brand’s best international representative. It can reach consumers from any country at any time, and can help you close sales in markets you didn’t even know you had. But in order to maximise its benefits, you have to make sure your website is internationally …