Our Mission

To help you connect across cultures

We’re here to make communication easier for you. Our team of experienced, native English copywriters will help you bridge the cultural and language gap and ensure that your company is making the right noise with English-speaking markets.

Our Story

20 years of content creation

Our story begins in 1996 with the creation of Barcelona Metropolitan, Barcelona’s leading English-speaking magazine. We know the importance of creating consistent, compelling content that people actually want to read. Our team of writers, editors, and SEO and social media specialists ensure that your content hits its mark every time.

Meet the Team

Our team is a diverse group of people from all corners of the globe who work together in a cheerful office in the heart of Barcelona. Between us we have lived in over 12 countries and speak 9 languages. Our different cultural perspectives are fantastic for creative thinking and we thrive on finding fresh and original solutions for our clients.

Esther Jones

Founder of Barcelona Metropolitan and The Noise Lab, Esther left her native Yorkshire many years ago. A language graduate from the University of London, she is fluent in Italian, French and Spanish. She believes that authentic communication is the cornerstone of the company’s success and her goal is to help other companies benefit from The Noise Lab’s experience. Nothing is more pleasurable than a day in the office enjoying the flow of information and conversation between people who know that seamless communication is possible, no matter where we are all from.

Andrea Moreno
Marketing Director

Andrea is originally from Colombia, but has now lived in Europe longer than in her native country. After residing in Berlin for a while she relocated to Barcelona, happy to speak her own language again. She has academic background in Humanities, but quickly realised she wasn’t going to change the world from a library, and so moved into the world of marketing and communications. Working for Barcelona Metropolitan for 10 years made her realise how hard it is for companies and people to communicate when there are language barriers.

Rachel Huffman

Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Rachel moved to Boston to attend the quirky liberal arts university Emerson College. After four years of reading books and workshopping short stories, she moved to Barcelona to teach English. But it wasn’t until she became an editorial assistant at Metropolitan two years later, where she was able to write and edit in a professional setting, that she felt like herself again. Now she splits her time between the magazine and The Noise Lab. She is a stickler for detail and won’t publish any piece of content that doesn’t meet her high standards.

Elena Smith
Content Creator

Curiosity about the world is in Elena’s blood. Some of her earliest memories are of observing the different languages and cultures around her in her diverse university hometown of Berkeley, California. She lived as a university student in Chile and Brazil and, after obtaining her MA from UCLA, worked as a bilingual researcher in Mexico City and Southern California. Upon relocating to Barcelona, she worked as an editorial assistant at Metropolitan before signing on with The Noise Lab. She enjoys hashtagging and is always up for a good transcreation challenge.

Gareth Lloyd-Evans

Gareth is originally from Kenilworth, Warwickshire. He moved to Barcelona in 2006, and currently lives with his family in Gracia. Gareth studied photography at Sandwell College and trained as a product photographer.  He started as a professional studio and location photographer in 1995 and, over the years, moved into PR and events photography freelancing  for individuals, companies and publications including Jaguar Cars, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail and many more.

Richard Cardwell
Digital analyst

Richard grew up in Leeds, north England and studied at the Carted Institute of Marketing. Following his studies, he took a year to travel round Australia. He then returned to work in the marketing team for the UK’s largest car distributor. He fell in love with Barcelona while visiting friends living in the city and now enjoys sinking his teeth into digital analysis to improve our clients’ experiences.

Jalil Alui
Sales director

Having lived in three different continents and four different countries, Jalil is no stranger to travel and new cultures. He lived in New York, Texas and The Hague before moving to Barcelona. He graduated from the European University in The Netherlands and worked in the fashion industry with Inditex and Mango before discovering his passion for the digital world.  

Milo De Prieto
Originally from California, Milo de Prieto has grown up and lived around the world. He works in branding and content creation for various publications and companies, including the New York Times and Conde Nast, creating videos and web content to brand clients and drive traffic. He has chosen to settle down in Barcelona, where his mother is originally from.